Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Suit!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Well almost! My birthday is June 17th, this Friday and I am super duper excited!  I am going out to dinner with friends and since I love to dress up I decided this was the perfect time to splurge and get a new dress! I originally wanted to wear yellow because I love yellow and its a perfect summer color, and I look good in it! Then, I went out with friends and saw a girl in a gorgeous white dress and I fell in love with the idea of wearing white for my bday! Here are some of my picks so far! 

 This is a Stretch Floral Lace Long Sleeve Dress in Creme from
American Apparel. I love the lace! I would most likely wear a creme mini tube-dress or bodysuit underneath to cover up my goodies! 

This Tank Back L/S Dress in White from Akira caught my eye with the
Tank Back. The pointed shoulders are awesome too! I would definitely pair this dress the a pair of feather earring I have like the girl in the picture. Thats one reason I really want to wear white, the earrings are white and coral.
This is the Mesh Strap and Bust Sexy Dress in White, also from Akira.
I love the mesh and the design in the front. I have curves and Im sure this
dress with hug them nicely.

This Tablecloth Dress from Akira is pretty simple but I love it!
I was actually thinking about this style when I wanted to wear yellow. It just screams
"elegant" to me!
I know I said I wanted to wear white, but its hard to stay away from color during the summer! These are just a few dresses I was looking at with awesome color!
This Nylon High-Waisted Skirt from
American Apparel is really cute! The pattern
reminds me of confetti! Perfect for celebration!  
This Motel Beth Dress from Akira is the perfect yellow color I
was originally looking for. I love the shoulder design. There are other
colors of this dress that are just as gorgeous, but this is perfect for what
I was lookign
Simple Bandage dress from Akira. I love the red. I would pair this with
a pair of cheetah print pumps or royal blue, I have been really into
royal blue shoes lately.
This Pleat Chiffon Tube Dress from Akira is pretty but I am not sure wether I really
like it or not. I like the flow of the dress and I love strapless
dresses, but is this a good color for me...Hmm....
These are just a few of my ideas. A few is a bit of an understatement I see :). Maybe you can help me! Which one(s) do you like?

Love, Robin

Monday, June 6, 2011

June Giveaways!

SUMMER TIME!!! Why do I love summer? There are multiple reasons actually! For one, My birthday is during the summer(June 17th)! I love, the warm weather because that always mean color color color and fun in the sun! I also love summer because there are always great, colorful, fun giveaways going on like the ones below. Be sure to check them out! Good luck!

Funny Face Beauty June Giveaway!  Ends June 14th

Makeup Junkie88 Mac Gift Card Giveaway Ends July 25th