Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Day!

Today was a great day! Besides the morning issues with my throat and nose, which I'm pretty sure are the warning signs of an upcoming cold, today was GREAT! Why was it so great you ask? Well because, after a long and irritating struggle, I finally got a job! AND I got my new phone. I didn't get the phone I originally wanted but its cool, it will come in due time! Today was just marvelous!

This is just the beginning of new happiness for little Miss Robin!

Love, Robin

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sigma Love

Have you seen their specials deals lately? Well what are you waiting for silly?!! GO CHECK 'EM OUT!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Robin

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tiny Haul: E.L.F. & Maybelline with Demo

I decided to do a little light shopping at Target today, here is what I got. 

Fit Me FoundationMaybelline Liquid Foundation ($6.49)

Tone Correcting ConcealerE.L.F in Spice 4003 ($1.00)

Happy Shopping! 

Love, Robin


YAY ITS MORNING!! I am really hating this spring illusion Chicago has right now! From my window it looks warm because the sun is shinning and theres not a cloud in the sky! But then you go out there is the cold hits you like a ton of bricks! WHAT THE HELL MOTHER NATURE!! Anyway, I'm hungry I need food....While I eat, I think I will figure out what I will do today....Hmmmm

Love, Robin

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Robin & Jas Adventures

Video of Jasmine (jD photography) a friend of hers and myself. Funny stuff is always happening to us or around us so this is just a very light taste of the things that go on in our world lol

Surfs Up! MAC's Upcoming Summer Collection for 2011

Surfs Up is the upcoming summer collection for MAC. The collection is full of summer, beachy colors.
This collection comes with 5 different categories: blush, eyeshadow,eyeliner, nail polish and lips. I love MACs collections. They are always really fun! This collection fits summer sooo well! I personally think the packaging is a little on the plain side but hey, what do I know!

So start saving up 'cause we already know this will be a bit on the pricey side, but its MAC so its definitely worth it!

First is the blush called:
My Paradise
Coral orange with champagne flower


Left to Right
Short shorts

Left to Right
Sun Blonde

Surf U.S.A.

Swell Baby

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks

Left to Right
Summer Stash

Surf the Ocean


Left to Right

Girl on Board, Good Lovin', Krazy Kahuna, Strange Potion

Left to Right

Bust Out!, Hibiscus

 Left to Right
Mocha, Naturally Eccentric

Nail Polish

Left to Right
Hangin' Loose, Ocean Dip


Left to Right

Blue Noon, Gilded White

The collection also comes with a bronzing powder, pressed powder, and tan powder(2).

Bronzing Powder is called Solar Riche

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder called Gold-go Lightly

Tan Tint called Billionaire Bronze and Guilty Bronze

Happy Shopping!!

Love, Robin

Thursday, March 24, 2011

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face)

We all love to have the best quality, especially when it comes to products we use on our face. However, I know I'm not the only one that loves to save money! E.L.F. is the best way to get great quality and save money at the same time! Here are just a few examples of their deals!
  • e.l.f. cosmetics starting at just $1
  • e.l.f. studio cosmetics (designed for pro makeup artists)  starting at just $3
  • e.l.f. mineral makeup starting at just $3 (compare to Bare Escentuals)
 Click the image above to check out E.L.F.'s site or click on the ad above to the right! 
Happy Shopping!

Love, Robin

Spring Tips: Mascara for Spring Time

   Spring time always bring a rise in temp and the return of color, not only in nature but in our wardrobe as well. Just like we change our wardrobe, we change our makeup too. Mascara is an important part of our makeup routine so it is important to change from our winter mascara and try something new. (Some say you should buy new mascara every three months to avoid possible eye infections).

  For a nice spring look, use a light bit of eyeliner, you can even try staying away from the harsh black during the day and try light colors like brown or brighter colors. With mascara, you will only need to apply a very light coat of mascara. For the best look, go for a mascara that has a smaller, comb like brush(wand). -->

  Spring makeup is usually a return to warmer colors and its the perfect time to try new mascara colors. For lighter skinned girls, you should try using a brown mascara. This will help you get a warmer, more natural looking eye. Clear mascara is also a good option. It will help keep the lashes in place, give a warmer look, as well as a natural look. If you have trouble looking for clear mascara here are some places to look.
-Maybelline Great Lash In Clear
-E.L.F. Clear Mascara
- MAX Factor Clear Mascara

Hope these tips help!

Love, Robin

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sigma Love

Hey click the link below!!


If you don't know what Sigma Beauty is all about definitely click that link and look around! I love their products! The have brush kits and individual brushes of magnificent quality! They come in different colors and sizes and different designs! I LOVE THEM and YOU WILL TOO!!
 You can also get a FREE GIFT with a $30 purchase! WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE GIFTS!!

Love, Robin

Monday, March 21, 2011

Robin Says: Cheated vs. Cheater

Pick A Phone

I am in the process of switching plans and switching phones. I am sick of Sprint and any other phone company anyway. Most of the time you end up paying at the least, $100 for a phone bill. I think that $100 or more could be spent on something more useful, or saved!! So I am going back to Virgin Mobile. I used to have a VM phone when I could hardly afford a phone at all, now I just want to save money. VM is one of the least expensive phone companies around. The only expensive thing about it is buying the phones. I am debating between 3 phones:

 This is the LG Optimus V. $150
Likes: Andriod, Touchscreen, Small, Thin, WiFi Capable, Twitdroyd, Youtube, VM Live, Swype Text, Voice Action, SD card, loads things quickly

Dislikes: All touchscreen, no flash w. camera, i hear battery life isnt that great
Samsung Intercept. $200
Likes: Keypad, Slides up, Flash w. camera, text to speech

Dislikes: I hear it freezes alot, low battery life, slow loading speed

Blackberry Curve 8530. $200

Likes: Good service, good buttons,

Dislikes: slow loading speed, low battery life, app availability

Those are just a few things I like and dislike about each phone. Which one do you think I should get?

Love, Robin

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's Vid: What's In Your Bag?

Hey guys so todays channel video was a "What's In Your Bag" as requested by a subscriber. I mention two products today. There were the Sensual Amber Body Splash and Moonlight Path body lotion, both from Bath and Body Works. The link to the Body Splash is actually the link for the shower gel. The body spray is also on the site but the exact type that I have isn't.

Above is the spray I showed in my vid and to the right is the lotion, perfume, and shower gel I mentioned but did not show. I have two of the body splashes and two of the lotions. The package I got only gave me one perfume and one shower gel.

 Below is the Moonlight Path Body Lotion I mentioned in the vid. I also have the shower gel that is shown below.
Hope you guys like the vid! Don't forget to like and comment. Subscribe if you haven't already, and share with your friends! 

Love, Robin

What's In Your Bag?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Tips: Spring Makeup

I probably have the lamest post titles in the world! BUT ANYWHO!! Spring is coming up quick, it seems like its already here considering the beautiful weather us Chicagoans have had the past few days. So here are some tips on perfect spring makeup.
   Spring time is full of bright beautiful colors! You can perfect this season with floral patterned, bright colored clothes, but what about your face?

   When it comes to spring, remember BRIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT! During this bright, warm season, you should always wear bright, warm, intense colors just like the beautiful blooming flowers of the spring! STAY AWAY FROM dimmed, faint and weak colors, these colors make spring look tired and sad.

  Eye make-up should be delicate, but lively, fresh colors like: apple green, delicate turquoise, orange, light purple, pink, baby blue and yellow. 
    If you are a blush person, try to stay away from red rose blush. For spring go with the more peach colored blush and also lips. Nude and peach lips are the perfect light colors for Spring. You should stay away from dark color lips like dark purples and plums. Try some peach, coral red, or salmon color lipstick or even gloss!
     When applying foundation for spring, the goal is to use as little as possible to create a fresh and natural look! Always use a base of moisturizer before applying foundation and blot away excess moisturizer or oil before applying. This will help keep the foundation from looking patchy and will help create a smoother appearance. 

Hope these tips will help you spring into Spring =D hehe

Love, Robin

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Shh I know the title is lame! Its like 'Do The Bump'! ANYWAY! Today was a B-E-A-U-TIFUL day here in the windy city. The sun was shinning, there was a nice little, breeze, the weather was not to hot and not to cold! As I walked down the street I became to thing of how I will update my wardrobe for this Spring! The first thing that popped in my head was ROMPERS!! Rompers say Spring for me.
My idea of the perfect Spring Romper is a colorful, bright, floral one.

This Bianca Strapless Romper By Juciy Coutre is nice and color
and has a floral pattern to it. I like this romper because its loose and bloused and has an adjustable waist. I love when rompers already have a defined waist! If you get a romper that is waistless, add a skinny belt to define your hips!

This navy blue romper is nice and calm. 
Can be worn to an interview or just out to shop.  
This one has an an elastic drop waist,
which I love! I love the sleeves! I call 
them parachute sleeves lol 

Both outfits and many more can be found at Revolve Clothing

Love, Robin

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Day So Far

    My day started at 7:45 AM which is very abnormal for me on a Tuesday these days. But today I actually had a reason to get up so early. INTERVIEW!! I had an interview at a salon at 11 AM. Im not sure why, but it always seems to take me forever to get ready when I have somewhere important to go. Once I was finally dressed and had my Mary Poppins ready(thats what I call my HUGE black purse), I headed for the train.

    I have always preferred to be a bit early for an important event rather than late. Who wouldnt?! ANYWAY, so I'm waiting on the train and it seems to be taking forever! By the time I get on the train its 10:30 AM and I have 10 stops to go. This always makes me nervous especially this time because the trip usually takes about 30 minutes or more. Once I got to the salon was was literally right on time, I checked my phone as I walked up to the door and it was 10:59, phew! The interview went good, got invited to a second interview but I don't want to get too excited because I don't want to curse it. But I do feel good that the lady wanted to introduce me to the owner and have a second interview.

    Is it just me or does it seem to take longer to get to a new destination then to get back home? Does that even make sense? Well when I did get home. I dived onto the couch and wrapped my feet into my blanket to warm em up (like an idiot I wore peep toes today). I played Batman for a little and then I got a pop chat from one of my good friends asking me about how my interview went. Then he said something that just made my whole day even better! He said "IM PROUD OF YOU"! Unfortunately I don't hear that alot, but  I can always count on him to give me some encouragement and praise when I deserve it. I feel kinda bad 'cause I haven't really hung out with him in awhile but he is still a great friend, always checking on me to make sure im ok and happy!
   This day is turning out to be grrrr8!

Love, Robin

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Tips: Nude Lip

OK girls, spring is just around the corner and I know we want to look our best the warmer it gets. A nude lip just screams "SEXY B*TCH COMIN' THROUGH!" Here are a few tips to get that natural but sexy look with a nude lip.

Things you'll need:
Toothbrush, lip balm, lip plumper(if you want), nude lip pencil,flesh tone lipstick, and clear lip gloss

Step 1: Exfoliate lips with toothbrush.

Step 2: Apply a SMALL bit of lip balm or plumper (only if you want plumper looking lips)

Step 3: Line lips with nude pencil that matches your skin tone NOT your natural lip. DO NOT over-line your lips.

Step 4: Using a lip brush, apply the lipstick. Take a lip brush to smooth and give a more natural look.

Step 5: Dab (or brush) on lipgloss over lips.


Love, Robin 

Connector Collector

I have always been an over-sized ring type of gal. While I still love over-sized rings and am going to continue my collection, I am currently on the hunt for connector rings! I'm not sure why I love them I just do! I have certain ones in mind that I want to find first.
I will keep you guys updated on my findings, and if you know a place where they might have one of these rings or some like them let me know!
Til next time!

Love, Robin

Sunday, March 13, 2011


jD Photography

Love, Robin

Nails: O.P.I Sparkle-icious

I am currently wearing this fun-tab-ulous color from O.P.I called Sparkle-icious! I love it! I wore it for the first time on New Year Eve and fell in loove! It really only takes one or two coats on both acrylic and natural nails. The only thing I don't like, is if you want to switch colors, it takes some work to get this off because all of the sparkles! But i still give it a 5 out of 5!!
You can visit O.P.I.'s site and try on different color polish right there on the site! I LOVE IT!!

Check out more color O.P.I. colors! 

Love, Robin

PLUG VID: Photographer and Hairstylist


  • Today, Im putting people out there, except in a good way this time. Hehe! Let me introduce you to Ms Jasmine Durhal.  =D She is a photographer working out of Detroit and Chicago. She has done all kinds of shoots from single person, to wedding albums, to family photos etc. 
    Here is her info so you can check her out! 
    Go check out Tori J.He does hair in Detroit in Greenfield Plaza, so if you live there, HIT HIM UP!! 
    Here is his info:
    Love, Robin