Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy Shopper

I'm sure every gal enjoys some needed retail therapy every once in awhile! Sometimes though, I get tired of   waiting in the long lines at the mall so I resort to the biggest mall in the world! The internet! Here are some of the sites I am in love with at the moment!

Sole Society 
Sole Society is your virtual shoe stylist! Free to Join and same press shoes and accessories. Its simple! The sit asks you a few questions to get to know you and your style and they pick out shoes they think you will like!

Go see for yourself!

Very much like Sole Society and Shoe Dazzle, (another one of my favs) its free to join and offers a simple questionnaire to find the best shoe fits for you!
These are some of the hot shoes picked for me this month! I'm in love!

Check it out! Join for free!!

LuLu*s is one of my favorite clothing sites next to AKIRA and  Miss Selfridge. The clothing can be a little pricey but you can always count on quality! Fun and gorgeous lookbooks.

Sigma Makeup
You all probably know the one place I love to buy my makeup brushes is Sigma! I am a Sigma addict! Shipping is quick and easy and you now get a free gift when you spend $30 or more. I believe the purchase requirement has gone down since the last time I purchased something from the site.

Get addicted!

Going Going Gone!!


 Its that time of the year when certain stores begin to "clean their closets". I look at it as them trying to grab your attention! Well AKIRA definitely got my attention with their 50% off sale online.  AKIRA will take 50% off all sales items which are already marked down up to about 75%! You can't get anything better than that! Well unless it was FREE.99! So, grab your debit/credit cards and get to shoppin'!

Since you have been gracious enough to read this whole post, you can go shop today and get 50% off one day early!!! Just use this code (SALE50) and start getting crazy discounts on your favorite brands at AKIRA! Your welcome :)

Love, Robin

Monday, September 19, 2011

THE EMMY'S: The Good, The Bad and the Should've Stayed Home!

If you are anything like me, you only turned on the Emmy's to see the red carpet version fashion show with all my favorite celebrities. I always get super excited to see the amazing colors, styles and designs of the river of dresses flooding the red carpet. Some celebrities hit the mark with gorgeous gowns, shiny baubles and perfectly coifed hair, and others looked like there were drunk when getting dressed! Here are some of my favorite dresses of the night and those that should have stayed home!

Nina Dobrev wearing Donna Karen
Red dresses seem to have been the trend of the night, but no one pulled off the look better than Miss Nina Dobrev. This mermaid style dress give her the perfect hour glass shape. Her simple accessories are a great chic addition to the look. She looks drop dead gorgeous!

Kaley Cuoco wearing Romona Keveza
Kaley definitely got the memo about red trend, and she put her own fabulous spin on it. She played it safe and simple with this across the shoulder black dress with a red clutch and shoes to match! I dont know about you but I am a major fan of matching shoes to purse! LOVE! 
Claire Danes wearing Oscar de la Renta
The dress makes me think of a Picaso painting. This simple strapless dress with simply paired accessories  makes Claire Danes look absolutely amazing! The dress hugs her slightly in all the right places giving off a slight hour glass look!


Taraji P. Henson wearing Blumarine
I love Taraji, but not in this dress! Where do I even start with this dress? Its looks thrown on her, there is no fit anywhere! What makes it worse is the horrid neckline and the so patchy floral and sequin designs. YUCK! 

Paz de la Huerta wearing who knows(smh)
I had no idea who this was but I will always rememeber her as the Lady Lookin' Crazy at the Emmy's. Whoever she is looks like her AND her stylist were drunk when preparing for this night! The dress looks extremely cheap, something that could be found in Forever 21, or worse! What happened to her face?! It looks like she did her makeup in the dark! Her lips make her look like a corpse! The dress really isn't that bad but her hair ruins any hope for her look!

Lou Eyrich
Why?!!!!.........just.....why?!! I have no idea what or who she was wearing, honestly I was so taken aback by what I saw on her head, it literally didn't register in my brain for 5 minutes! Yes ladies and gentlemen this is a hair tattoo! She just looks ridiculous! The hair tattoo, the umbrella, the sunglasses, the lipstick!!!! I dont understand how these hair tattoos work! How often do you have to shave? What happens if you want to grow out your hair? The real question is, Why Lou Eyrich? Why?

Did you watch the Emmy's? Tell me who you think wore it best!

Love, Robin

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Over Due Mini Haul

Hey lovies! Taking the time to make a quick post. I have done some shopping here and there this week. I knew I needed to make a post, so what better time than the present! Not a huge haul, but I figured I owe you something :) it is!

First up is this white metal organizer. I bought it for $5 at Forever 21. I love the designs on it. If you remember, I was using a silver toothbrush holder as a makeup holder but it was so boring and this one was so cute lol
I went to Target after Forever 21 to re-up on my concealer. I have fallen in love with the E.L.F. Tone Correcting Concealer (bottom product). I grabbed another tube of the Wet Gloss Lash&Brow Clear Mascara(middle product). Lastly I wanted to try one of E.L.F.'s new products so I grabbed the Under Eye Concealer&Highlighter (top product) Haven't tried it yet but a review is coming soon! :) Each product $1
For those of you who remember, I used to have a pair of sunglasses from Buffalo Exchange that were black with a gold chain like thing at the top. Well those broke. So I bought these cheetah print ones from Forever 21, thought they were cute. $5
Last but not least, this gorgeous glass bowl I got from the Thrift store. I have been looking for a cute jewelry box/bowl to hold my rings and I came across this one! I love the sparkly, gold, designs on the inside and the glossy glass feel. $2