Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mini Fashion Haul: Forever 21

No matter how much I try to deny it, Fall has arrived! Its time to break out the leathers and trench coats, the sweaters and hoodies! Put those sandals and flip flops away and dust off the boots! I am very excited to get cracking on my fall and winter boot collection, which was the goal for today’s shopping trip.  Having been so wrapped up in the warm, beautiful weather of the summer, I completely forgot to get shoes for the fall! I was in desperate need of a chic boot for the beginning of this transition! I also needed a good fall jacket. I am still looking for another black full leather jacket but the one I bought today should suffice for now! I also bought a new blazer and some cute accessories!

OK let’s talk about these boots! I fall in love with them more and more every time I look at them.  I was actually looking for some Isabel Marant sneaker look-a-likes to do a post on but then I came across these lace-up wedge booties. The lace-up part is super cute and are my first lace-up boots of the year! Unintentionally I seem to always buy a pair of lace-up boots every fall, weird I know. The lace up really keeps your foot and ankle in place when laced to the top.  While the wedge part is a mock wood, the bottom of the shoes are rubber so there is no click-clack noise when you walk L.  I absolutely love these shoes though!

I was really excited to get this jacket! This Moto Jacket has ribbed trimmed sleeves and a detachable hood. The zipper pockets are pretty small but other than that I really love this jacket.  The knit sleeves do a good job of keeping your arms warm. The hood isn’t as stretchy as other hoodies I have, but it still fits comfortably over the head and is a good.

Now this blazer is growing on me. The pictures came out horribly so that doesn’t help. The inside of the blazer is lines with light pink polka dots. I like the blazer on more than when it’s hanging. It is a short blazer so it stops right at my waist, which looks really cute. I bought this to replace a previous black blazer that I lost during my move.

Both the Dangling Spike Earrings and the Silver Bow Necklace are super cute! Just wanted to pick up another small necklace. The earrings are a change from the studs I’ve wore all summer. Don't get me wrong I love my studs, but if you remember I also like big earrings, hoops, and dangling ones! Think I will aim for more dangling earrings this season.

This shopping trip was short and sweet! I went in knowing what I wanted and came out with even more than I planned to! SUCESS! I find that always happens at Forever 21. I go in knowing exactly what I am looking for and stumble upon even more goodies!