Monday, February 13, 2012


On Jan. 28th of this year I attended the ILLROOTS launch party for their new clothing line ILLAMERICA. I went along with a few girls friends and had a blast! My best friend Ebony and I are always dressed to impress, so I figured I would do a sort of OOTD(night in this case) to show off just how simple but gorgeous we looked! :)  Most of the attendees were in very causal dress ( jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, a few leather jackets here and there, etc), but we came in wearing this!
That is Ebony to the left and me to the right.

Ebony is wearing a dress from Forever 21. It is a fitted, animal print dress in black and white as you can see. If I remember right I think there is a little bit of a scoop in the back. This is a great dress for girlies with curves! Eb has a nice round curve on her backside(lol); this dress definitely flatters it! She also has great hips that this dress hugs nicely.

Her accessories were very simple, its best to keep accessories simple with a dress like this. The dress already has so much going on, that too many accessories can really pull away from it. For Eb's accessories she wore just a small pair of earrings and a bracelet. She later put on her favorite pair of glasses. These arent your ordinary pair of prescription glasses, they are jazzy glasses!

They are a pair of nerdy, cheetah print glasses that she jazzed up with a gold chain. Check out her blog to see these "sexy grandma glasses" as I like to call them lol.

As for me, my outfit had a little more going on. Mostly because my dress was very simple, I added more accessories to make my outfit sparkle lol. I wore my tan, shoulder strap dress I bought from Akira. This was the second time I wore this dress so I tried something different this time around. Instead of wearing the shoulder strap, I tucked it down inside of the dress to make it look strapless. A little bit of the mesh part popped out at the boob area but I sort of liked that! I added a studded jean jacket that I borrowed from Eb (I plan on stealing it from her because I love it so much!).

For accessories, I wore some oversized flower stud earrings, a four tear neckless, and my gold feather ring. All of my accessories are from Forever 21.

As far as shoes go, I wore my light pink, peep toe pumps from AGACI. They look a little oversized in the picture but they fit just fine!  Eb wore a pair of black boots from Urban Outfitters.

To find out more info on ILLROOTS new line visit Also, check out Ebony's blog and videos at

Catch ya later beauties! :)


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